Why Geothermal?

  Geothermal was the first green technology. Requiring minimal start up cost, and maximum return per dollar invested. Even with advancements in todays technology, geothermal remains the most reliable source of heating and cooling for commercial and residential installations.

  Dollar for dollar, geothermal is the best investment a home or business owner can consider when contemplating a green technology or an upgrade in current heating and cooling solutions.

  Typical savings range between 20-30% per year. Additional lifetime savings are realized through the indoor installation of circulating units, reducing maintenance and weathering of normal externally mounted HVAC units.

Repairs: If you're having cooling and heating issues with your current GEO system. You or your HVAC agent may have elected to utilize horizontal loops to reduce cost. We can convert your current loop system to Vertical loops, eliminating cooling issues during the hotter summer months, and maintaining more consistant temperatures year round.
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  Whether you're a seasoned HVAC contractor who's demand has out paced capacity. Or a contractor new to geothermal needing experienced drilling and installation professionals to assist with the transition. Total Service Company of Pontotoc Inc. can fill your needs.

  Located in North Mississippi, specializing in geothermal drilling and closed loop installation throughout the southeast and midwest, Total Service has been drilling geothermal bores exclusively for over 25 years, residential and commercial.

  Please take the time to learn about us, and what we can deliver to you and your clients. And you'll see what makes us one of the leading Geothermal drilling companies.

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Why Total Service?

  Experience, project cost, and equipment. As a contractor you understand the need to provide a cost effective bid that allows you to access bigger and better jobs.

  Total Service Company of Pontotoc / Total Service Geothermal provides the experience and man power to insure the job is done right the first time, every time.

  Take time to learn how you can maximize your earnings, by allowing Total Service to quote a price for your next installation.